Grass fed options available!

Custom Meat Processing

Need BACON?  Purchasing your own custom cut pork includes specifying your preference for fresh or cured steaks, roasts and bacon as well as the thickness of your pork chops. Additionally, only at Kinikin can you get breakfast sausage, sausage links as well as brats. 

Do you raise your own meat?  Or, are you just tired of grocery store quality?  Whether it’s Beef, Pork, Lamb or Goats, Kinikin Processing  will meet all of your processing needs.  With over 16 years of experience, we can butcher and process your livestock into sausage, steak, roasts and any other items you might want.  Custom meat processing is what we do best.

Our facilities include enlarged coolers to ensure all meat is hung for the recommended duration, an onsite smokehouse and sharp freeze to create the best quality frozen meat possible. 

Meats can be cut to your exact specifications.  We will age your animal so that it gets the maximum amount of flavor and tenderness.  We are USDA inspected and maintain a very high level of sanitation to assure that your meat is processed under strict sanitary conditions.

Have an animal to be processed?  Call 970-240-4329 to schedule it today.  Be sure to call in your cut order or fill out the cut sheet  and email it to kinikinprocessing@gmail.com.

Custom beef processing includes cutting steaks to the precise thickness requested and packaging all cuts in quantities that fit your family.  Recommended hang time on all beef is  14 to 21 days. 


American Lamb Cuts - American Lamb Board

Goat  also Available

Hog Carcass Breakdown - University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture

Love lamb but have a hard time finding quality meat or the cuts you want?  Purchasing a lamb through Kinikin Processing or bringing your own lamb for processing ensures that you will get the shoulder, loin and rib chops you are looking for. 

Beef Made Easy - National Cattlemen's Beef Association