Kinikin Processingis the only place to find locally grown lamb.  Everyday, we have fresh selections of lamb including lamb chops, rack of lamb and lamb ribs.

All Valley Raised, the pork options at Kinikin Processingare mouth watering good.  From our Country Style Spare Ribs to our custom cut Pork Chops we have what you are looking for when it comes to the other white meat.   

From thick cut T-Bones to Boneless Ribeyes, Prime Rib Roasts and Bacon Wrapped Filets, Kinikin Processing offers the largest selection of FRESH valley raised beef for your dinner selection.  Be sure to ask us about our grass fed options.

Kinikin Processing also offers a variety of fresh seafood options.  Ordered in bi-weekly to assure the freshest product, with varieties including shrimp, lobster tail, salmon,halibut, king crab legs and more!

Meat Counter



Our glass-front refrigerated cases atKinikin Processingare stocked with exquisitely marbled cuts of Valley Raised Beef, your favorite cuts of locally grown pork and lamb along with our very own sausages, brats and jerky.   A butcher is on hand daily to help you select the perfect cut of meat, game, or poultry as well as offer information on our meat and cooking tips on how to best prepare your purchases at home.

Kinikin Processingtakes an old-fashioned approach to meat. We buy valley raised beef, pork and lamb and process it in our own facility, cutting it by hand in our own butcher shop. By buying locally and being directly involved in every aspect of getting our product to you, we’re making sure that every biteofKinikin meat will be the best you’ve ever had.

Although the chicken available atKinikin Processingis not local it is raised without the use of antibiotics and fed no animal byproducts, ever.  It is top quality chicken and you can easily taste the difference.



In the mood for something different?  

Elk might be the perfect choice for you.  It is known for being far leaner than your other red meats and just as tasty.  Kinikin Processing carries a variety of different cuts and options for your dinner plate.