Regular Summer Sausage  $6   lb

Hot Summer Sausage        $6   lb

Jalapeño /Cheese              $6.50  lb


Fresh Bratwurst     $5.50/ - 1lb pkg

Jalapeño /Cheese   $6.00  - 1 lb pkg

Bratwurst              $6.00  -  1 lb pkg

Pepperoni             $6.00 -   1 lb pkg


Regular Jerky                 $10/ pkg

Black Pepper Jerky          $10/ pkg

Red Pepper Jerky            $10/ pkg

Jalapeño Cheese Sticks    $10/ pkg

Pepper Sticks                  $10/ pkg

Teriyaki Sticks                 $6 / pkg

Hunter Sticks                  $6  / pkg


5 lb minimum

Breakfast                        $2/ lb

Italian                            $2/ lb

German                          $2/ lb

Chorizo                           $2/ lb


Prices include cut, ground & wrap:

Deer                              $150

Elk                                 $250

Bear                              $175

Antelope                        $125


Deer/Antelope                $30

Elk                                $40

Bear                              $65


Deer                              $75

Elk                                $150


European Mounts

Deer                              $175

Elk                                 $280

Caping (all animals)         $65


Meat         approximately  $3.50 lb

Coleman Cooler               $60    

Dry Ice                           $2.50 lb


Wild Game Processing

Enjoy your hunt and leave the rest toKinikin Processing. We are your local experts for turning fresh game into choice cuts, sausages, jerky and more. Just drop in with your game and let us:

• Trim and package your deer, elk or bear
• Make delicious sausage or jerky for you
• Grind and wrap meat for burgers or sausages

We have worked hard to create the most efficient and sanitary system for processing your meat and our facilities are state inspected.  Your wild game will be tagged, skinned and hung in our walk-in coolers.  It will be custom cut and then packed, labeled and frozen in our walk-in freezers, ready for your pickup.  Most important, you will get your animal back!

Processing times depend on the number of animals ahead of you. For the best tasting meat we advise hanging for 7 to 10 days.  For those of you looking for a quick turn-around, we do offer an express cut for an additional $100.   

We offer fast turn-around, great prices and use only the best quality ingredients. Come and see why people travel 100's of miles to have us process their wild game into tasty treats with Kinikin Processing.


Check out our wild game processing order form and prices here.  Want to talk to an expert? Call 970-240-4329 and we can get all your questions answered.